Youth Ministries

Our Savior’s offers youth opportunities for fellowship, fun, service and prayer. We celebrate joys, pray for struggles and walk with young adults and their families as they find their way in their own faith journeys. Youth activities continually evolve, our mission being: serve God, praise one another, and love ourselves.

34-56 Club (Grades 3-6)

Meets monthly for games, crafts, Bible time, service and fellowship

Youth Group (Grades 6-12)

Meets the first and third Sunday evenings of every month for movie nights, pizza parties, Bible studies, relationship-building and fun.

Mission Trips

Mission trips are offered each summer when there is not a National Youth Gathering. They are offered for both middle school and high school youth. Meetings and fundraisers take place throughout the year.

Service Projects

Youth have opportunities to help with Sunday School, Vacation Bible School and many other community service and leadership-building projects.


The Confirmation program at Our Savior’s is designed for seventh through ninth grade students (though students older than ninth grade may participate).

We use the “Here We Stand” curriculum, which offers an approach to confirmation that is both theologically sound and teen-relevant. Students work on a three year rotation, studying the Small Catechism, the Old Testament, and the New Testament. The Here We Stand handbook, entitled “The Lutheran Handbook,” provides a combination of historical and theological information alongside some “fun facts” and practical tips on being a church-going Lutheran.

Confirmation classes meet early October through the end of April, concluding with the Affirmation of Baptism service for those completing the three-year program. Classes are held on Wednesday evenings, from 7:15 to 8:15 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall. A large group presentation begins the evening followed by a small group session to check in and discuss the topic of the evening.

All third year confirmation students will have a mentor throughout the season of Lent. This is another adult in the student’s community of faith who cares about them, takes an interest in their life, and helps them mature into the covenant of their baptism.

At the conclusion of the third year of Confirmation, students have the opportunity to share their faith stories. Their lives have been influenced by parents, family, friends, other adults, Sunday School classes, etc. This is a time for them to reflect on these life experiences and how they have affected their faith. Faith statements focus on faith journeys. It is just a small piece of insight into how experiences and relationships change lives.

All students, grades seven through nine (and older), are welcome to become a part of this awesome ministry we have at Our Savior’s. A confirmation orientation session is held in late September for those interested.

If you have questions about Confirmation Ministry at Our Savior’s, contact Melissa Pickering.

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