Interested in becoming a member at Our Savior’s? We hope you’ll begin by worshipping with us and exploring how Our Savior’s might deepen your spiritual life as you follow the Lord Jesus Christ.

If you are an unbaptized child, teen or adult, you’re invited to visit with our pastor about joining via the Sacrament of Holy Baptism. For older persons, instruction in Christian faith and life precedes administration of this sacrament. Infants and small children may be welcomed into membership via baptism, followed by Sunday School in the elementary school years and confirmation instruction during the junior high school years.

If you already belong to another church, you may bring a letter of transfer from your previous congregation; however, you are not required to bring a letter. Your personal affirmation of faith, your participation, and your Christian character will demonstrate that you are a part of the family of God.

There is room for differences of opinion in the community of faith. Perfect agreement on minute details of doctrine and practice is not required. An open mind and an open heart are characteristic of a vital group of Christians.

Membership classes and New Member Sundays, when we officially receive new members into our community of faith, occur a few times each year, usually in the spring and in the fall. If you are interested in becoming a member at Our Savior’s please contact the church office for upcoming class dates and times.