Family Ministries

Family Ministry at Our Savior’s seeks to nurture a vital and growing faith through personal relationships. This is accomplished by providing:

  • Opportunities to strengthen family life
  • Opportunities to equip homes as centers of faith formation
  • Intergenerational events to celebrate and enrich our lives together

The Four Keys

Vibrant Faith Ministries has identified four keys that are essential for nurturing the faith, values, and character formation of children, youth, and adults:

  1. Caring Conversation: Christian values and faith are passed on to the next generation through supportive conversation. Listening and responding to the daily concerns of our children make it easier to have meaningful conversations regarding the love of God, and are ways to express God’s love to others.
  2. Family Devotions: Adults need to learn the Christian message and the biblical story as their own story if they are to pass on their faith to their children and other adults. Our Christian faith shapes the whole of our lives and involves a lifetime of study, reflection, and prayer.
  3. Family Rituals and Traditions: Families identify themselves and tell their family stories through daily routines, celebrations, and rituals. Whether it’s an annual summer vacation, hanging Christmas ornaments, or an informal liturgy before bedtime, these activities speak volumes about what the family values, believes and promotes, and how much the family values its faith.
  4. Family Service: Children, youth, and adults are most likely to be influenced by those who “walk the talk.” There are many opportunities for service: some in the home, some in the congregation, and some in the larger community. Whatever type of service you choose, it is best done with family members or other intergenerational groups.

Baptism Education

Classes are offered on the second Sunday of each month and meet in the Sanctuary at 9:30 a.m. (September through May) or at 10:00 a.m. (June through August). Parents, sponsors and grandparents are welcome to attend.

Worship as Family Event

Worship is a family event at Our Savior’s. Children’s bulletins and activity bags are provided and each worship service includes a children’s message.

Have you ever watched children eat at a dining room table? Their manners are far from elegant! But it is done in hope that, in a short amount of time, they will begin to feel like part of the family. This is a lot like bringing a child into the sanctuary. We would hope that, in time, those children would grow in faith and feel like they are a part of OUR FAMILY!

Children will giggle, poke siblings, and swing their legs because they are children. They also sing, pray and give with us. Our Savior’s suggests that adults accept and value the children’s restlessness during worship, trusting that they are also learning:

  • That it’s important to come to this place each Sunday.
  • That they belong to this special community of people.
  • That the sights and sounds and feels of the sanctuary are good, though not always understandable.
  • That something is expected of them in this place, and that they may respond in song, prayer and offering.

Bringing a child to church can be a real exercise in patience but the rewards are well worth the effort. Parents do not want their children to be disruptive or loud, sometimes they just are! We must remember that baptized children are members of the Church. Our Savior’s believes children should be among the worshipping people. They may not listen and participate the way adults do, but they are growing in understanding and learning to take their places in the church family.

We encourage adults to realize that young children may have some bad moments in worship, but it is their birthright as Christians to worship. Our satisfaction comes in later years when we see them stand in the Church with a faith of their own.

Crying Room

A Crying Room is available for you at the back of the Sanctuary.

Giving Tree

Each year, Our Savior’s has an opportunity to participate in the Giving Tree program through First Link.  First Link collects and distributes Christmas gifts for families in Cass and Clay counties. Beginning in mid-November and throughout December, names may be taken from the Giving Tree in the back of the Sanctuary after worship services and instructions for participating in the program are provided.

Stepping Stones: Milestone Ministries

At Our Savior’s, we recognize and celebrate every child’s growth in faith development by marking milestones in a child’s life from baptism to high school graduation. Recognizing the importance of parents in nurturing their child’s faith, milestone ministry includes learning events that involve the whole family. Each milestone is marked with a worship celebration including a parent’s blessing and a gift from the congregation.

  • Age 3: The journey begins
  • Age 4: Pillow Party
  • Kindergarten: Praise Party
  • 1st Grade: The Lord’s Prayer
  • 2nd Grade: It’s Not Fair
  • 3rd Grade: Bible Blast
  • 4th Grade: Guardian Angel Ministry
  • 5th Grade: Holy Communion
  • 6th Grade: I Want MONEY!
  • 7th Grade: Fall Retreat
  • 8th Grade: Winter Retreat
  • 9th Grade: Give Me the Keys!
  • 10th Grade: Affirmation of Baptism
  • 11th Grade: Now What? A Look at the Future
  • 12th Grade: Senior Sunday Celebration

Marriage Enrichment

Our Savior’s is committed to helping you build strong relationships. For those seeking marriage, we work with each couple to develop the skills necessary to make marriage an enjoyable and fruitful union. We recognize that no two marriages or relationships are alike. As part of our commitment to you, the pastors work one on one with you prior to your wedding. In these premarital sessions, we will discover together how you as a couple “really” communicate, how conflict and arguments can actually bring life to your union (if done correctly), and how these conflicts can be resolved effectively. We will dive into who you are at your very core. You will learn things about your partner, you will learn things about yourself, and you will also learn the important role that faith has in each relationship, especially in marriage.

Our pastor is certified in the Prepare/Enrich Course for marriage and will provide each couple with an assessment designed to get you talking about what marriage really is and how to make it work for you. In addition to this, each couple will also be introduced to other resources that can be used to help establish a firm foundation for their life together.

Does your marriage need a little help? We can help. Our pastor provides a listening ear and help you to discover options within our community to help you restore your marriage to good health. Please contact Pr. Loren Mellum if you would like to talk.